Solution to Chemical Mystery #13: Bye Bye Blue!

pouring carbon dioxide over cleaner

In Chemical Mystery #13, the contents of a "magic" cup were poured over a blue-colored cleaner. As a result, the color of the cleaner immediately changed from blue to white. In another case, the color change occurs when the magic cup is simply held over the cleaner. Finally, waving a "magic" hand over the cleaner also causes the blue-to-white color change. These magic tricks are actually modifications of some experiments I did a few years ago. These magic tricks are useful to perform for students when discussing several concepts related to acid-base chemistry. My students are usually fooled! You can check out how to do these tricks in the video below:

Let me know if you try out this experiment for your students. Happy experimenting!


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Please refer to the ACS Guidelines for Chemical Laboratory Safety in Secondary Schools (2016). Some additional information on these guidelines can be found in a Pick at ChemEd X.

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