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Chemical Education Xchange has been hosting ChemEd X Talks since January 2021. These Talks have been 30 - 60 minute virtual meetings using our Zoom platform. They consist of a short presentation followed by Q&A and discussion. ChemEd X will continue to offer ChemEd X Talks that touch on a variety of topics including, pedagogy, assessment, strategies, technology, and more. 

Teachers are asked to keep their video on if possible, ask questions and participate in the discussion by offering their own ideas and experience with the topics. These live Zoom events are free, but registration is required. Space is limited, so register early.

All ChemEd X Talks are recorded. We publish edited recordings of these events on With respect for the privacy of participants the published portions will primarily focus on the presentation and efforts will be made to mask participant identities. By registering for a ChemEd X Talk you are agreeing to be recorded.

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Future ChemEd X Talks are being planned. Watch for announcements here, in our Xchange newsletter and on Facebook & Twitter!

Previous ChemEd X Talks & ChemBasics Talks 

New POGIL Activities for AP Chemistry with Laura Trout 3/27/2023

The new edition of “POGIL Activities for AP Chemistry” is on track to be released next winter. Laura Trout offered a sneak peak of the new activities and improvements that have been incorporated into the new edition in ChemEd X Talk. The recording is available here!

Assessment Tools to Examine Students’ Reasoning with Multiple Representations of Bonding 9/29/2022

The use of multiple representations helps to characterize students' understandings and their misconceptions. Stacey Lowery Bretz shared multiple resources and strategies for using them in her ChemEd X Talk. The recording is available here!

Using Digital Interactive Notebooks with Dr. Sarah English 7/14/2022

Digital notebooking is a dynamic process that integrates different learning experiences to challenge and reinforce student understanding. On July 14, 2022, Dr. Sarah English provided an overview of the digital interactive notebook process along with guidance on how to start building your own. In this ChemEd X Talk she outlined her organizational plan, examples of notebooks she has created and shares many of the resources she finds helpful in creating them. View a recording of Sarah's presentation and access materials here.

Integrating Interactive Notebooks into chemistry courses with Nora Walsh 7/11/2022

Interactive notebooks (INB) are a useful tool to help students interact with course content, and show them the flow and evolution of a course - particularly in courses that may not have a textbook. In this ChemEd X Talk Nora Walsh spoke on everything from organizing your classroom for notebooking to how to plan layouts, general and specific ideas for input and output, and some ideas on grading/scoring interactive notebooks. View a recording of Nora's presentation and access materials here.

Making Chemistry Visible with Doug Ragan 4/14/2022

Many chemistry teachers use models and diagrams to help students describe how matter behaves at the particle level. On April 14, 2022, Doug Ragan explained how he uses colored magnets in his classroom to represent things such as subatomic particles, states of matter, balancing chemical equations, types of bonding, molecular geometry and much more. View a recording of his presentation and access materials he uses. 

Solutions with Kristen Vanderveen 2/10/2022

Solutions are all around us in life and chemistry class! On February 10th, 2022, Kristen Vanderveen discussed solubility curves, molarity calculations, using particulate level modeling and simulations, making real world connections and so much more in this ChemBasics Talk. View a recording of her presentation and access materials she has suggested here.

Exploring Chemical Reactions with Sarah English 1/13/2022

Chemical Reactions is a topic that unites a number of skills from formula writing, balancing equations, predicting products and solubility to name a few. On January 13th, 2022, Sarah English shared her unit covering chemical reactions in this ChemBasics Talk. Watch the recording and access resources Sarah shared.

Gas Laws - ChemBasics Talk with Daniel Radoff 12/9/2021

Gas Laws are an essential and easily accessible area of chemistry to understand. On December 9th, 2021, Daniel Radoff shared his unit about gas laws in his ChemBasics Talk. Watch the recording and access resources Daniel shared.

Chemical Bonding & Naming - ChemBasics Talk with Nora Walsh 11/4/2021

Chemical bonding is a pivotal topic in chemistry classes that can be overwhelming for students and teachers alike - so much to teach, so many ways that it can be overwhelming! In this ChemBasics Talk, Nora Walsh will share her favorite activities, tips, and discovery activities for teaching chemical bonding and naming. 

The Periodic Table - ChemBasics Talk with Rachmad Tjachyadi 10/7/2021

Learning about the periodic table and how the elements are arranged are both essential to success in chemistry. On October 7th, 2021, Rachmad Tjachyadi shared his unit covering the periodic table and periodic trends in this ChemBasics Talk. Watch the recording and access resources Rachmad and meeting participants shared.

The Mole Concept - ChemBasics Talk with Krystle Moos 9/9/2021

In this ChemBasics Talk, Krystle Moos offers everything necessary to plan a unit on the topic including linked NGSS standards, introductory activities and handouts, manipulative activities, practice problems, links to real world context, a lab and an assortment of videos. Watch the recording and access resources she shared.

What do we want to know about our students' thinking? Categorizing chemistry formative assessments with ACCT. 5/26/2021

Formative assessment questions provide a useful lens into students' minds regarding what they are thinking about chemistry. By ascertaining what students are thinking, teachers can make decisions regarding what to do with what they learn. The members of ACCT (Assessing for Change in Chemical Thinking) presented a ChemEd X Talk on the topic on May 26, 2021.

What informs the grade a student earns in your class? w/ Erica Posthuma 5/11/2021

Grades should provide feedback to students, parents, and teachers as to the progress students are making toward learning targets. Meaningful grades require good assessment practices. Erica Posthuma presented a ChemEd X Talk on May 11th, 2021, providing an overview of effective assessment design. She discussed writing and communicating learning goals, developing targeted questions and prompts, and scoring using a standards-based approach. 

Managing Student Collaboration with Kristen Drury & Stephanie O'Brien 4/21/2021

Kristen Drury and Stephanie O'Brien presented in a ChemEd X Talk on April 21, 2021 and provided teachers with guidance on fostering student buy-in, student role formation, and POGIL implementation. Additionally, information was shared on how to assess students' participation in POGIL activities holistically and through individual examination of process skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem solving. 

Summative Assessment: High Rigor - Low Stress 2/25/2021 

ChemEd X Talks with Katy Dornbos about how she has transformed the way she is assessing her students - particularly on exams. Her new method of assessing was born from her desire to decrease student stress, minimize her grading time and keep the questions challenging enough to encourage deep thinking. Both she and her students are happy with the results!

Journey with Standards Based Grading 2/9/2021 

ChemEd X Talks with Chad Husting about how he has transitioned to standards based grading during a pandemic! He shares a quick trick that has the potential to solve many of the problems that teachers struggle with including having a mix of face to face and virtual students and keeping up with late work, make-up work and missing assignments!

Formative Assessment Using Nearpod 2/2/2021

Some of the challenges associated with virtual instruction include connecting with students and checking for understanding in real time. ChemEd X Talks with Michael Farabaugh about how he uses the interactive features of Nearpod to create formative assessment items that provide valuable feedback and facilitate student participation.

Whiteboarding in a Virtual Classroom with Melissa Hemling 1/27/21 

ChemEdX Talks with Melissa Hemling about “whiteboarding” in a hybrid or virtual classroom. Students collaborate in small groups on to digitally analyze data, create and modify models, and/or complete practice problems. Melissa shares how she uses the digital whiteboards to gauge student understanding and pinpoint misconceptions like she did pre-COVID. 

Providing Feedback Remotely with Ariel Serkin 1/21/21

Providing students with meaningful feedback greatly enhances their learning and achievement. With the move to online and hybrid formats, teachers have had to scramble to modify their usual process for communicating that feedback. ChemEd X Talks with Ariel Serkin about the process she is using and how she is providing feedback to her students remotely.