Formative Assessment Using Nearpod with Michael Farabaugh

text: Formative Assessment Using Nearpod with Michael Farabaugh

Some of the challenges associated with virtual instruction include connecting with students and checking for understanding in real time. On February 2nd, Michael Farabaugh presented a ChemEd X Talk about how he uses the interactive features of Nearpod to create formative assessment items that provide valuable feedback and facilitate student participation. You can watch the edited recording of Michael's Talk and access the lesson he shared during the presentation here.

ChemEd X Talk Recording: Edited video of Michael's ChemEd X Talk - Formative Assessment Using Nearpod, ChemEd X Vimeo Channel (2/3/2021)


Michael shared a Nearpod lesson that teachers could follow during his Talk. If you would like to access it, create a Nearpod account (or log in) and then follow this link:

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About Michael

Michael teaches high school chemistry in Virginia. He is a NMSI Coach, active with APTeach, an AP reader and an outside item writer. He is well known for his generosity of sharing with other chemistry teachers. His YouTube channel has over 7000 subscribers and is packed with videos for AP chemistry. He is one of the admins for the popular AP Chemistry Teachers on Facebook (with over 5000 members) and he shares a lot of content there as well. He was featured in an AACT Member Spotlight in 2019 that is well worth taking a moment to read. We are fortunate he is a ChemEd X Lead Contributor.