ChemEd X Ambassador Program

ChemEd X Ambassador Program

ChemEd X appreciates those chemistry education stake-holders that support us by sharing our resources with the chemistry education community. If you are hosting a symposium or preparing for a workshop, meeting or presentation, we will provide you with ChemEd X materials as long as supplies last.  


The items we currently have to share:

  • ChemEd X bookmarks
  • Chill-It Cubes
  • We will provide one door prize/gift certificate entitling the winner to a free year of ChemEd X subscription access for each 20 attendees. To thank you, as the ambassador, we will also upgrade your ChemEd X account to include a year of free subscription access as well. 

What to do -

Before contacting us, please make sure your ChemEd X account is updated with a headshot and a tagline (you can find help for that on our ). Please send the following information to us using our . We recommend you submit your request at least two months before your event.

  • Your name, preferred email address and mailing address (where you would like to receive the materials).
  • Name, date and details of the event sufficient to create an "Event" post at ChemEd X.
  • Expected number of attendees.

At the event: Provide the winner(s) of the free subscription with a copy of the gift certificate we have provided in the mailing. The bottom portion should be completed by the ambassador.

After the event: Please send us an email describing how the event went and how many prizes were distributed. You might also consider submitting a blog post about the event.

If you would like to inquire about materials from the Journal of Chemical Education, you can reach out to Freddy Tellez by email:

We thank you for your support!