ChemEd X Call for Contributions

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ChemEd X invites practitioners in the chemistry education community to share their experiences, knowledge and the resources they use in their classroom and laboratory. ChemEd X includes teachers and faculty from many diverse educational settings and who serve all students. We encourage contributions that demonstrate the particular opportunities found in teaching chemistry to diverse audiences from the entire breadth of learning environments. See our for details and suggestions for preparing your submission and the page to submit your work.

ChemEd X publishes a variety of content related to teaching high school and undergraduate chemistry. ChemEd X will consider for publication informal blog posts sharing opinions, ideas, and experiences; reviews of products and resources; laboratories and activities; scholarly articles; and announcements of professional development opportunities. All submissions are reviewed for accuracy and relevance to our communities.

ChemEd X is published by the  (DivCHED) of the American Chemical Society. As part of DivCHED, we support and work to implement efforts of the ACS and the Division to increase diversity, equity, inclusion and respect in our community, following the values and goals laid out in the links below.

To contribute to ChemEd X, follow the three-step process below.  

  1.  for a new account.
  2. Read the  and consult our   ().
  3.  using the contribute form.

Still need advice? . We are here to guide you in completing your manuscript and preparing it for possible publication.