Using Digital Interactive Notebooks with Dr. Sarah English

text: Using Digital Interactive Notebooks - A ChemEd X Talk with Dr. Sarah English

Digital notebooking is a dynamic process that integrates different learning experiences to challenge and reinforce student understanding. This method actively engages students in a manner that encourages discussion and collaboration. Through the use of various on-line platforms, student beliefs and understanding can be documented and tracked over the course of a storyline. Support is built into the digital notebook for absent students and those that need additional resources to understand a concept. In this ChemEd X Talk, Dr. Sarah English provides an overview of the digital interactive notebook process along with guidance on how to start building your own. Watch the recording of the presentation below. Resources and an example notebook can also be found below.

ChemEd X Talk Recording: Edited video of Sarah's ChemEd X Talk, ChemEd X Vimeo Channel - (7/15/2022)  



We recommend you watch the recording above for the most benefit but you can also view Sarah's presentation slides.

Sarah offered an example notebook (above): Atomic Structure 1 - Note that this notebook is intended as an example only. Not all links will be accessible. 


When Sarah began this journey in 2019, she found support from Facebook Groups like Digital INBs & Binders and Science Digital INBs. Even though they are not directly related to digital notebooking, she also found the Schoology Educator Community and Modeling Instruction in Chemistry pages very helpful. 

Check out Sarah's Digital Interactive Notebook YouTube Channel! I am sure you will also find Sarah's Chemistry YouTube Channel helpful as well!

Equatio and Symbol Salad were both mentioned in the chat. Check them out for help representing equations, formulas, symbols and more digitally.

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About Sarah 

Dr. Sarah English started her career in education as a Peace Corps volunteer in The Gambia, West Africa from 1995-1997. She has been a Regents Chemistry and Advanced Placement Chemistry teacher for 22 years at Sweet Home High School in Amherst, NY. Dr. English is very passionate about science education in her school, the community and across New York State. She advises Sweet Home’s American Chemical Society (ACS) Chemistry club, is on the board of directors for the Western section of the Science Teacher Association of New York State (STANYS) and is the founder of WNY ChemConnect, bringing together local chemistry teachers to share best practices and support.

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