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Video tutorials are paramount to learning for many students and adults. Personally, I relish in being able to solve a problem after watching the solution on YouTube. Whether it's rebuilding and greasing a hub on my bicycle wheel, respoking a rim, replacing the lock actuator in my minivan, or observing a new woodworking technique that I want to take back to my shop and try; YouTube videos are really helpful. For this month's post, I wanted to share a few resources that I provide students in my chemistry classes. Perhaps you have used them and have found them helpful. Or not. Either way, I hope you are able to utilize some of the resources for the betterment of students' chemistry comprehension. Check out the following YouTube Channels and let me know what you think. What are some YouTube channels you are subscribed to? Do students find the material in those channels helpful?

For a library of chemistry tutorial videos, check out my website.

YouTube Channels

Dan Meyers (my YouTube channel)

Tyler DeWitt

Ben's Chem Videos

Bozeman Science


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Maverick Puah's picture
Maverick Puah | Mon, 06/18/2018 - 05:46

Thank you Dan for sharing this article. I'm a chemistry tutor in Singapore and also actively harnassing the social outreach of YouTube to reach out to more students. I have been creating videos for a few years and am sharing them on my website

Glad to know that there are like-minded chemistry educators around the world who are doing the same!

Warmest regards,

Maverick Puah