ACCT Formative Assessment and Chemical Thinking course

Assessing for Change in Chemical Thinking has created materials for chemistry teachers nationwide to use for professional development in your schools, districts, and professional organizations. The ten session professional development constitutes a full course of professional development, which we used to deliver over the course of an entire school year back in Boston. The design of the professional development is based upon three critical frameworks, each of which is a pillar that the PD rests upon; , the and the . You can learn more about each pillar on their linked ChemEd X pages, and from a video tour of our project.


We encourage you to explore this ten session professional development series, (including facilitation guides, slides, and resources). In addition, the blog posts on formative assessments and the core program elements are accessible through the ChemEd X platform, free of charge. For inquiries, please contact ACCT at