ACCT Cohorts

The ACCT project celebrates the teachers who have participated in and facilitated the ACCT professional development. Cohort teachers participate in 12 workshops throughout the school year, with homework in between. The professional development is led by peer teachers who have completed the ACCT program in a previous year. A culminating project of each participants in the professional development is to design and implement a formative assessment activity that fosters student sense-making toward the development of chemical thinking. Teachers enact the formative assesment using some teaching moves they plan in advance based on the formative assessment enactment model. They focus on noticing and interpreting students' chemical thinking as they implement the task, and then act upon what they interpret with intentional eliciting and advancing moves aligned with their overall lesson and in-the-moment purposes for supporting students' sense making. They collect and evaluate student work, guided by the chemical thinking framework, and offer feedback to further press students to strengthen their chemical thinking. In the Resources section of this site are shared the formative assessment tasks designed by the teachers, with reflections by the teachers to offer guidance to other teachers who wish to adapt these for their lesons. Also provided are samples of de-identified student work from students who agreed to let their work be shared with other teachers. Here are the teachers who contributed these.

Cohort 3 (2019-2020)

Cohort 3 Participants

Cohort 3 Peer Facilitators

ACCT Cohort 3 Facilitators


Cohort 2 (2018-2019)

Cohort 2 Participants

ACCT Cohort 2 Teachers


Cohort 1 (2017-2018)

ACCT Cohort 1 Teachers