Session 10 at a glance

ACCT Session 10 over ACCT logo

This final ACCT session will offer opportunities for participants to work collaboratively as we use the LASW protocol to review each of the final formative assessments that were given to students. Time will be spent reflecting on the ACCT course and engaging in discussion of the course objectives and components

Session objectives

In this session, teachers will:

  • Share a formative assessment that they administered and present student work artifacts
  • Review and provide feedback to other participants using the Looking at Student Work Protocol
  • Engage in reflective activities about the course objectives and major components

Participant agenda

  1. Welcome, Overview, & Connecting Activity
  2. Looking at Student Work & Break
  3. Final Reflections
  4. Closing Routines & Reminders


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ACCT Program Components focused on in this session

Chemical Thinking ***Chemical Thinking strand will vary depending on the formative assessment that teachers have given***

***All portions of the Formative Assessment Enactment Model may be discussed***

***Any of the Teaching Dilemmas may arise***