Free AP Chemistry Prep Exams for Teachers

text: FREE AP Chemistry Prep Exams

Attention all AP Chemistry teachers!

I wanted to let you know about an opportunity to receive 3 free online prep exams designed to give you feedback on your students' preparation for the AP Chemistry Exam. This is part of a research study occurring through the 2020-2021 year.

Free prep AP Chemistry Exams: The prep exams will be written by former Chief Reader Roger Kugel, former Test Development Committee members Paul Price and David Yaron, and experienced reader and APSI leader Lewis Acampora. They will then be graded for you by AP readers and AP exam writers to ensure that the questions and feedback are aligned with the assessment goals of the AP Chemistry exam. The study is being run by educators and learning scientists at Carnegie Mellon University, Middle Tennessee State University and SUNY Stony Brook University. 

How to get the exams: Teachers are being recruited to enroll in this Preparation for AP Chemistry Exam study for the 2020-2021 school year. To enroll, you can click below to review more details about the study, take a survey, and then be randomly assigned to varying conditions. Some teachers may have access to online professional development, but all teachers and their students will receive the online practice exams.

About the exams: The target dates for the exams are the weeks of November 16, January 25 and March 15. Teachers will receive a link for each online prep exam, to be distributed to their students. Students should be allowed to take the prep exams voluntarily and anonymously. Exams are not intended to be used to determine their course grades. Teachers will receive feedback and suggestions from AP readers and AP exam writers about their students' responses, and they will be able to see their students’ individual anonymous responses. 

Click the following link to enroll and obtain access to the 3 online prep exams as they become available.