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by Tom Kuntzleman
Thu, 06/01/2023 - 14:15

Placing dry ice in limewater is a great demonstration to accompany discussions on a variety of chemical topics, including the impact of ocean acidification on marine organisms that depend upon the formation of CaCO3.

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by Chad Husting
Thu, 06/01/2023 - 09:16

The candy "Toxic Waste" and "Pop Rocks" are fun ways to show changes in acid base indicators. There is also an easy way to test car exhaust with an indicator.

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by Dean Campbell
Sun, 05/21/2023 - 10:50

Dean Campbell tries to use at least one demo for every class to illustrate concepts described in his chemistry courses. In this post, he includes short descriptions of the demonstrations and props he has used while teaching his collegiate General Chemistry II courses.

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by Amy Snyder
Thu, 05/11/2023 - 15:13

Experienced chemistry teachers offer tips for setting up labs! 

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by Josh Kenney
Tue, 05/09/2023 - 13:10

YouTube Shorts are 60-second vertical aspect ratio videos that are meant for cell phone viewing. Since they are shorter and easier for students to access than traditional YouTube videos, Josh Kenney has started creating more of them for his blended chemistry class. Check out some of his tips for creating effective chemistry tutorials with YouTube Shorts.

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by Tom Kuntzleman
Tue, 05/02/2023 - 18:48

Learn the chemistry behind the reaction between calcium carbide and water...melon...?!

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by Michael Jansen
Tue, 05/02/2023 - 13:40

There are many ways that assessment can be done well. Michael Jansen shares what worked for him. 

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by Dean Campbell
Mon, 05/01/2023 - 17:26

A trip to see the 2024 solar eclipse provided the opportunity to explore ideas associated with sulfur in petroleum, sunlight intensity measurements, laser interference patterns from eclipse glasses, and large-scale light emission from excited hydrogen.

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by Jim Webb
Wed, 04/26/2023 - 20:53

Have you seen the "salting-out effect"? This interesting demonstration shows a separation of two layers in a solution of water and an organic solvent by adding an ionic salt. Although this concept has important applications in organic chemistry and biochemistry, it can also be visually stunning and engaging for audiences. Read on to learn how to incorporate this demonstration into your chemistry lessons.

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by Ariel Serkin
Wed, 04/05/2023 - 10:22

Ariel Serkin shares an activity she has explored using natural acid base indicators with her food chemistry elective students. 

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