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Happy BCCE week to y'all!  I am enjoying being back at my alma mater, Grand Valley State University.  This morning I attended a symposium focusing on what it means to be a professional and how to continue to grow throughout your career.  The strand running through each presentation was time and collaboration.  Each presenter touched on the importance of long term time commitments and the necessity of having a good support system.  This afternoon's workshop discussed chemistry through both the particulate and molecular lens.  We talked through two experiences as if we were students and then discussed how to facilitate those experiences as teachers.

What a great start to my week here in West Michigan!  Let me know what sessions, workshops, lunch discussions, etc that you are enjoying as we are encouraged to grow and learn together!

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Erin Wasserman | Wed, 08/06/2014 - 17:13

Hi. If you're at the BCCE and considering talks for Thursday morning, please consider coming to my talk at 10:15 in MAK A1117 (Erin Wasserman). I will be talking generally about high school enrichment programs with a big focus on the practical side of how to set up and run a science research program. You'd be surprised at how an authentic research experience can impact a young kid!