Spotlight on AP Chemistry


Greg Rushton and I presented in the George Hague Memorial AP/IB Chemistry Symposium at the 2014 BCCE conference in Michigan. We are excited to highlight the first SPECIAL ISSUE of the Journal of Education covering AP Chemistry. Given the new AP Curriculum, the time was right to put out a call for papers last year asking stake holders to weigh in on the topic. We are happy with the well rounded response and hope you will take a look at the issue. Most of the articles are already live on the JCE Web site. We are interested in your comments and also encourage suggestions of topics for future Special Issues that will be of interest specifically for the high school audience.

Introducing the Journal of Chemical Education’s “Special Issue: Advanced Placement (AP) Chemistry” ~ Greg Rushton's Editorial  

Integrating ‘big ideas’ with a traditional topic sequence in the AP Chemistry course: first steps ~ Christopher Kennedy 

Reflections on the Curriculum Framework Underpinning the Redesigned Advanced Placement Chemistry Course~David Yaron 

Understanding and Using the New Guided- Inquiry AP Chemistry Laboratory Manual~Kristen Cacciatore

The Development of Multiple-Choice Items Consistent with the AP Chemistry Curriculum Framework to More Accurately Assess Deeper Understanding~John Domyancich

Photoelectron Spectroscopy in Advanced Placement Chemistry~James Benigna

The AP Chemistry Course Audit: A Fertile Ground for identifying and addressing misconceptions about the course and process~Richard Schwenz, Sheldon Miller