Join us at ChemEd 2023

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ChemEd X will be attending ChemEd 2023 at the University of Guelph! Stop by and see us if you are attending! There will be many opportunities to find us!

BOOTH: Find us in Booth #18 of the exhibit hall - Sunday through Tuesday! - University Centre

TWEET UP: You can also catch us Sunday evening at the Tweet-Up at Brass Taps on campus. Join us for a drink and conversation @ 8pm. - University Centre

ChemEd X DEMO Symposium: We are hosting a ChemEd X Demo Symposium. Many well-known educators will present some of their favorite demonstrations. Tom Kuntzleman will headline the grand finale. Both the morning and afternoon sessions will be the same. - MACN 105. See schedule below.

ChemEd X Symposium - Engaging with Contributors: Many of our contributors will be presenting at our ChemEd X "Engaging with Contributors" Symposium on Wednesday. - MACN 105. See schedule below.



ChemEd X Demo Symposium

TUESDAY, July 25th

Morning Session – MACN 105

8:30 AM – Introduction
8:35 AM – Wax Fireball – Yvonne Clifford
8:50 AM – Elmer’s Glue: Not just for making slime – Josh Kenney 
9:05 AM – Mom to the Rescue – Linda Cummings 
9:20 AM – Break 
9:30 AM – Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide by Catalysts – Amiee Modic
9:45 AM – Capstone demonstration to the Chemical Reactions unit – Michael Jansen
10:00 AM – Stop, Go and Boom – Michael Farabaugh 
10:15 AM – Break
10:25 AM – Combustion Bottle Rockets – Karen Sorensen & Ashley Green
10:40 AM – Demos for the Classroom – Tom Kuntzleman


Afternoon Session – MACN 105

2:30 PM – Introduction 
2:35 PM – Combustion Bottle Rockets – Karen Sorensen & Ashley Green
2:50 PM – Elmer’s Glue: Not just for making slime – Josh Kenney 
3:05 PM – Mom to the Rescue – Linda Cummings 
3:20 PM – Break
3:30 PM – Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide by Catalysts – Amiee Modic
3:45 PM – Capstone demonstration to the Chemical Reactions unit – Michael Jansen 
4:00 PM - Stop, Go and Boom – Michael Farabaugh 
4:15 PM – Break
4:25 PM – Wax Fireball – Yvonne Clifford 
4:40 PM – Demos for the Classroom – Tom Kuntzleman 


ChemEd X


WEDNESDAY, July 26th

Morning Session – MACN 105

8:30 AM –  Engaging with Contributors - Jon Holmes

8:45 AM – The Grocery Store as Chemistry Educator – Scott Donnelly

9:00 AM – Teaching a Food Chemistry Elective – Ariel Serkin

9:15 AM – BREAK

9:30 AM – My Experience with ChemEd X and how we can enhance your teaching practice – Michael Jansen

9:45 AM – Lab Prep Tips – Amy Snyder

10:00 AM – Assessment Design in High School Chemistry – Michael Farabaugh



Afternoon Session – MACN 105

2:30 PM – An Invitation to Share – Deanna Cullen

2:45 PM – A Lead Contributor – Josh Kenney

3:00 PM – Acid Base Speed Dating – Kristen Drury

3:15 PM – Break

3:15 PM – Fake Science? Using current media resources to develop CER skills – Karen Sorensen

3:30 PM – Coke and Mentos: quantitative experiments you can do in your classroom – Tom Kuntzleman


Many of our Lead Contributors have other presentations scheduled too! 


8:30 AM – Writing Assessment Items for AP Chemistry (George R. Hague, Jr. AP Chemistry Symposium) – MACN 105 - Michael Farabaugh

8:30 AM – Writing Better Assessments for the High School Chemistry Classroom – MACN 113 - Ariel Serkin w/ Scott Milam

9:30 AM – What’s all the stink about cow farts and other musings: Chemistry relevancy in the classroom – SSC 1511 - Scott Donnelly

2:30 PM – Creative Ways to Maximize the Lab Experience in AP Chemistry (George R. Hague, Jr. AP Chemistry Symposium) – MACN 105 - Paul Price

2:30 PM – Who died and made (insert constant of your choice) king? – SSC 1303 - Michael Jansen



2:30 PM – I know about active learning but how do I actually do it in the classroom? – SSC 1504 - Scott Donnelly

2:30 PM – Bridging the Gap between Secondary and Higher Education Chemistry Instruction – SSC 2315 - Ariel Serkin



8:30 AM – Deep Dive Into The College Board’s Pre-AP Chemistry Course – SSC 1303 - Kristen Drury, Paul Price

2:30 PM – American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT) resources for AP Chemistry – SSC 2109 LAB - Michael Farabaugh w/ Jeramy DeBry

3:30 PM – Measurement and significant figures–logically and empirically – SSC 1303 - Michael Jansen



MOLE STORY-TELLING: Tin-kering with Chemistry Education - War Memorial Hall

Kristen Drury and Ariel Serkin are hosting the Mole Story-Telling Event! This has become a favorite event for many! Not sure what to expect? Check out this interview about the original event.


Booth Activities 

Chemistry in a Bottle - Are you familiar with the dynamic density bottle experiment? This interesting experiment was invented by Lynn Higgins, and is sold by various science supply companies. Two immiscible liquids (usually salt water and isopropyl alcohol) and two different types of plastic pieces are contained within a dynamic density bottle. The plastic pieces display curious floating and sinking behavior when the bottle is shaken. 

Soap Boat 2.0 - The soap boat experiment makes use of the Marangoni Effect, the tendency of material to move from a region of low surface tension to a region of high surface tension. Because detergent has a lower surface tension than water, when a drop of detergent is added to the fuel reservoir in the boat, the surrounding water “pulls” the soap out of the reservoir. The flow of soap out of the reservoir provides thrust to push the boat forward.

How Does an Orange Peel Pop a Balloon? - Some orange peels can cause balloons to pop. The compound in orange peels called limonene is responsible for this effect. Limonene is responsible for the wonderful smell of oranges, and it is a liquid at room temperature.

How Do Color Changing Marshmallows Work? - The color of these marshmallows changes when exposed to heat: the blue version turns green, while the pink version turns orange.