Conant Awards Inspire

The national ACS James Bryant Conant award was established in 1965 to encourage and recognize outstanding high school chemistry teachers. Candidates are chosen based upon evidence of high quality teaching, ability to challenge and inspire, extracurricular activities that support their work and pursuit of continued improvement of their role as an educator. I appreciate this type of award as it highlights the best of the best and what we all aspire to. It is gratifying to see a member of the chemistry teacher community recognized. These awardees represent us and in a sense, our whole community is recognized and can share in the pride of a job well done. ChemEd X has compiled a list of awardees and has provided links to articles and other information about them. Stephen Radice of Brooklyn, New York was the 2013 recipient. He graciously agreed to answer some interview questions for me and I was inspired by his responses. My hope is that other awardees will be willing to share some of themselves with us at ChemEd X.

Check out the Conant Award Page.

Read my interview with Stephen Radice.