Chemical Educational Foundation Activities & Challenges


I just recently became aware of the Chemical Educational Foundation® (CEF), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting youth science education. They have developed a K-8 science curriculum supplement that recently won a Teachers’ Choice Award for the Classroom. It’s called the You Be The Chemist® Activity Guides: Lesson Plans for Making Chemistry Fun, and it’s completely free to download from their website at There is also a flashdrive available for purchase that includes all the resources ($10).

Many of the activities are appropriate for high school ChemClub and/or starter activities for high school level courses. I am always on the look out for quick activities to engage my chemistry students as we begin a topic. I just sent links to this resource to teachers at my district's middle and elementary schools encouraging them to check out the materials AND the CHALLENGES offered on the site, including an Earth Day Challenge, which runs through April 15th.