ChemClub FUN

iron on

I am excited with my student's response to offering an ACS ChemClub at our high school! ACS does a great job of providing materials and ideas for meetings. They sent iron ons that my students were busy adding to shirts this week. So far, our meetings have been pretty informal. I appreciate that ACS provides so many resources, but then allows us to make the club into what works for us. Meeting informally has given us a chance to brainstorm what will serve my students best. We have two projects coming up in March. We will have a guest speaker, Dr. Rachel Powers, a Grand Valley State University associate professor of chemistry. She will be sharing her research with our school's ChemClub Chapter. We will open the opportunity to other area students and the community. We are also planning an outreach trip to our elementary schools. We will share some science activities with those students. Next on our agenda is planning some field trips! Check out the ACS ChemClub resources for yourself.