Al D Hyde and the Key Tones

Last full day of BCCE and what a day it was!  Started the day with an amazing plenary speaker, Holly Walter Kerby and her work with Fusion Science Theater.  She talked about the aspects of a good play and how to use that same idea when doing a demonstration.  This engages the learner, helps them focus on the concepts behind the demo, and gives them an active role in the experience.  Perhaps my husband and I will do this together since he is both a chemist and a thespian . . .

I enjoyed a panel discussion concerning Research Experience for Teachers (RET).  I have participated in a RET and it was interesting to hear from others who had similar experiences, but applied their knowledge very differently.  Hearing from the mentor professors was also interesting and encouraging.  They really enjoyed working with high school teachers and look forward to having teachers in their labs again the future.  Finally, program organizers spoke about how these RET programs developed at their institutions over time and the direction they hope to take in the future.  

After dinner, this being the final evening of BCCE, it was time to hit the dance floor with the band that has the best chemistry in the world:  Al D Hyde and the Key Tones!  Lots of students, teachers, instructors, and professors out on the dance floor kicking up their heels together.  The dancing included a congo line, a few line dances, and several jam circles.  The band was encored and people were reluctant to turn in for the night.

Tomorrow morning we will attend final sessions and part ways.  I hope you have learned something valuable this week to implement in your classroom this year!  Let us know what it will be!

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