Nominate Outstanding High School Chemistry Teachers

ACS Regional Award for HS Teaching

In 2006, The Division of Chemical Education endowed an award program, the Regional Award for Excellence in High School Teaching, to recognize and inspire outstanding high school chemistry teachers. Each of the ten Regions of the American Chemical Society solicits nominations for this award. The winners receive $1000, an engraved plaque and travel expenses to the meeting where they are honored.

I am writing this post to encourage nominations for these awards. I dare say that there are hundreds of worthy candidates in each region, but the nominations are lacking. If you know an outstanding teacher of chemistry, please nominate them for this prestigious award. Also, I hope you will share this information with your chemistry education network. Neither awardees or their nominators need to be members of ACS.

You can find more information about the specifics of the Region Awards on the .

To help facilitate this effort, I have drafted three documents. First, I include details for the nominator that will be helpful no matter what award you are considering: Being an Effective Nominator. The other two documents are for the nominee: Do I Need a Curriculum Vitae? and Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement. You can find the links for these documents under Supporting Information below this post. I hope that you and the teacher you nominate will find them useful.

You can view a table of on the American Chemical Society website along with related to the award. April 1, 2017 is the annual deadline for the ACS Regional HS Chemistry Teacher Awards.