Encouraging Words


Here in Michigan we are entering into our 4th week of school. My Honors Chemistry 1 students will be having their first test this week and my Chemistry 2 students will be having their stoichiometry test in 2 weeks. Things are moving along and I am daily observing improvement in my students. 

Last Friday after school I ran into a student from last year who had graduated this past May. She is now a college freshman and she went through my organic chemistry course last semester. She mentioned with excitement that during her biology class last week, there were organic molecules drawn on the board along with orbital drawings (s and p) for another class. She was able to surprise her classmates and explain what they meant and how they were associated to bonding. She told me this and concluded with, "Last spring I had an intense case of senioritis and did not do well in your class. I admit that. But I learned!" Learn she did and I was happy. 

It was this quick 3 minute exchange that sent me home feeling encouraged and appreciated for the career I have chosen: being a chemistry teacher. How have you been encouraged this first month of school?

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Deanna Cullen | Mon, 09/22/2014 - 20:23

I was blessed to receive two separate messages recently from two students that were in my AP Chemistry course last year as seniors. They are both attending college and thanked me for preparing them. I was happy to hear how confident they both feel. Their words are uplifting and give me some confidence as well. It is amazing what a few words can do to either lift us up or take us down. It is good to share these stories and remember to spread some encouraging words ourselves. Thanks for sharing. I hope others will also.