Compound Interest

Compound Interest

Have you ever been curious about the chemistry of a lemon?  What about the chemical structures of adrenaline, dopamine, or serotonin?  Would you like to share with your students the elements that make up their smartphone?  Or what how about a beautiful “infographic” representing each of the families of the periodic table?  Then Compound Interest at has you covered and then some.  Taken from their website and I quote: 

         “’Compound Interest’ is a blog run by a graduate chemist &     

           teacher in the UK that aims to take a look at the chemistry and chemical

           reactions we come across on a day-to-day basis.  As well as highlighting

           these facets of chemistry, it is also the site’s objective to provide interesting

          & educational infographics on a variety of chemistry topics, both for use in the       

          classroom and for more general consumption.”


The infographics are very well done in regards to informative, and overall graphically appealing to look at.  The topics include elements, food chemistry, organic chemistry, and other, which includes such things as the metal ion flame tests and the chemistry of fireworks.  I highly recommend you check out their website.  I look forward to sharing these wonderfully designed infographics with my students and I hope you do the same.  Maybe your students will be encouraged to create infographics of their own. You can follow them on twitter @compoundchem and they also have a shop if you wish to purchase any of the infographics in a larger size.  

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Deanna Cullen's picture
Deanna Cullen | Wed, 03/05/2014 - 11:35

What a great resource! I read your blog and immediately used the site in a conversation my class was having about citric acid (which was menitoned in the most recent post at the site). I searched citric acid and used the site to add to our conversation. I added the link to my school web site so that my absent students can read about the topic. The infographics ARE cool too. Thanks for sharing.

Kelly Crowley's picture
Kelly Crowley | Thu, 03/06/2014 - 11:52

I also added this as a resource to my class website.  I hope you keep adding content because the picture diagrams are pretty cool.