Migrating Chemistry Comes Alive!

Chemistry Comes Alive! is JCE's outstanding collection of chemistry videos and images. This collection of 1,800 videos and thousands of images presents the chemistry as the star of the show. Migrating all of this great content into JCE Chemical Education Exchange is one of our first priorities. Several other subscriber-only titles make use of the imagery from the collection. Many of the clips have appeared in several interesting places (I will add some of them as references later).

As we undertake the task of migrating the content to a new web platform, we have also transformed the video to be HTML5 ready. The result will be that this great collection will be viewable on many other devices besides computers with QuickTime. In addition, we have increased the resolution of the videos so that full-screen presentation should look much better. 

The collection has also been reorganized to take advantage of the new web platform. All the imagery throughout the collection will be presented consistently. Each video is an independent atom within the collection. An artifact of the reorganization will be some of the connecting bonds that held some of the videos together will be lost. We do plan to reestablish the connections, but for the present, you will need to consider the videos independent of one another. We also are doing our best to make sure that links to the legacy content in the collection direct you to the new site.

The retooled Chemistry Comes Alive! brings this collection into the present and viable into the near future. We hope you enjoy it.