JCE ChemEd Xchange provides a place for sharing information and opinions. Currently, articles, blogs and reading lists from ChemEd X contributors are listed below. We plan to include other items that the community wishes to share through their contributions to ChemEd X.

Especially JCE: November 2017

JCE November 2017 cover

Erica Jacobsen shares highlights from the November 2017 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education that are of special interest to high school chemistry teachers.

Helping Students Make Connections by Reading and Analyzing "Chemistry's Core Ideas"

screen shot of Atkins article

In this blog post, I share how I use an article from Dr. Peter Atkins, "Chemistry's Core Ideas." My IB Chemistry students read the article early in our program - and then revisit the article numerous times throughout our two-year course. The Google Slide document my students use is included in the supporting information.  

Atomsmith Take 2

Atomsmith timeline

I have written about Atomsmith before, but the new updates are worth another mention.

Percent Composition: A quick and dirty experiment

Finding the mass of gum before chewing

There are many activities that can be used to cover the topics of percent composition, empirical and molecular formulas and hydrates. Percent composition of sugar in a piece of bubble gum is an easy activity to begin the unit with.

Classroom Culture - Positive Reinforcement

incentive tickets

I was having difficulty with a student that was making poor choices in the lab. When I saw him making positive choices and acknowledged that, our relationship changed for the better.

Using the Journal of Chemical Education

historical timeline for JCE

Links to a webinar and other resources to support the use of the Journal of Chemical Education as a resource for teaching and learning.

ChemTube3D iPad App for organic mechanisms (and so much more!)


The recently published iPad app ChemTube3D (and related website for classrooms without iPads) will be discussed. It has a great deal of functionality - including a large selection of organic mechanism animations and models of structure and bonding.

Making Lab Diagrams Easier to Visualize

Chemix Icon

When it comes to student laboratory/apparatus setup, one thing is sure to help—visuals. There is a free and incredibly easy tool that allows you to assemble and customize almost any chemistry related setup you wish. Say hello to Chemix!

Chemistry Tutorial Resources

YouTube video play logo

I am sharing a list of YouTube videos that I have used with my students. I am interested in finding more. Please share any that you use in the comment section below.

Especially JCE: October 2017

JCE October 2017 cover

Erica Jacobsen shares highlights from the October 2017 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education that are of special interest to high school chemistry teachers.