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Deanna Cullen



Some research indicates that it is not always beneficial for students to work entirely on their own as they conduct inquiry-based investigations. This article explores a method of inquiry learning in which teachers and students work together to envision, conduct, and analyze experiments.


Read Jason Kong’s career profile describing his background and his current position as a chemical laboratory supervisor for the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

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The great thing about geology is, it's all about chemistry! The author shares one of her favorite links between geology and chemistry that your students will think is pretty cool too. 


Calcium alginate beads are hydrogels and one of their uses is to immobilize enzymes in their structure. I thought it would be cool to immobilize some lactase enzyme onto calcium alginate beads and investigate its ability to hydrolyze lactose. 



It can be difficult to engage students in reviewing for semester exams by using worksheets or practicing problems on the whiteboard. If you are looking to change up your review plans, you might consider using a lab activity that provides the opportunity to revisit many of the topics that need to be covered.

Don't miss another post written by Chad Husting in the past month: .


Have you attended a ChemEd conference? Kristen Drury shares her experience and why she plans to attend ChemEd 2019 in Illinois.



The January issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available online to subscribers. Erica Jacobsen regularly highlights JCE articles that are of special interest to high school teachers. If you would like to explore the whole issue in more depth, check out Mary Saecker's .


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