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Ninety-Six Years New

The January 2019 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available to subscribers. Topics featured in this issue include: chemical biology, innovative curriculum for the classroom and laboratory, promoting effective teaching methods in organic chemistry, improving student conceptual models, cost-effective and low-waste equipment and experiments, using instructional videos to teach, exploring materials science, instrumental analytical experiments, organic chemistry laboratories, research on success in chemistry, from the archives: anodizing.


Marcy H. Towns (Purdue University and an associate editor for JCE) invites readers to an international event on February 12, 2019:

Cover: Chemical Biology 

Genetic code expansion (GCE) offers the ability to engineer new protein functions, structures, and interactions using noncanonical amino acids (ncAAs). Despite their utility and foundational roles in recent scientific advances, chemical biology tools like GCE are often left out of undergraduate education. In , Kelsey M. Kean, Kari van Zee, and Ryan A. Mehl present a research-based laboratory course in which students use GCE to study protein structure and function. The cover shows a general overview of GCE machinery required to site-specifically incorporate an ncAA into a model protein, carbonic anhydrase. With many functionally diverse options for ncAAs and sites for incorporation, GCE is a flexible and versatile tool that is well suited for conducting novel research in an undergraduate teaching setting.

Innovative Curriculum for the Classroom and Laboratory

~ Tracy L. McGill, Leah C. Williams, Douglas R. Mulford, Simon B. Blakey, Robert J. Harris, James T. Kindt, David G. Lynn, Patricia A. Marsteller, Frank E. McDonald, and Nichole L. Powell (available to non-subscribers as part of ACS program)

~ Michael K. Seery, Ariana B. Jones, Will Kew, and Thomas Mein

~ Annette W. Neuman and Brenda B. Harmon

~ Nimrat K. Obhi, Ian Mallov, Nadine Borduas-Dedekind, Sophie A. L. Rousseaux, and Andrew P. Dicks

Promoting Effective Teaching Methods in Organic Chemistry 

~ Sarah Beth Wilson and Pratibha Varma-Nelson

~ Jolanda Hermanns and Bernd Schmidt

Improving Student Conceptual Models

~ Leslie Atkins Elliott, Elizabeth Sippola, and Jeffrey Watkins

~ Brian J. Esselman and Stephen B. Block

~ Leyte L. Winfield, Kai McCormack, and Tiana Shaw

~ Meghna A. Manae and Anirban Hazra

~ Rahime Yağmur Ağcalı, Bahar Atik, Ecenaz Bilgen, Berfu Karlı, and Mehmet Fatih Danışman

Cost-Effective and Low-Waste Equipment and Experiments

~ Luis A. Barrera, Alma C. Escobosa, Laila S. Alsaihati, and Juan C. Noveron

~ Taweetham Limpanuparb, Siradanai Kanithasevi, Maytouch Lojanarungsiri, and Puh Pakwilaikiat

~ Nima Noei, Iman Mohammadi Imani, Lee D. Wilson, and Saeid Azizian

~ Alex Schoeddert, Keshwaree Babooram, and Sarah Pelletier

~ Yuguang C. Li, Jeremy L. Hitt, and Thomas E. Mallouk

Using Instructional Videos To Teach

~ Richard A. R. Blackburn, Barbara Villa-Marcos, and Dylan P. Williams

~ Ann H. Kwan, Mehdi Mobli, Horst J. Schirra, Jennifer C. Wilson, and Oliver A. H. Jones

Exploring Materials Science 

~ Alexander J. Boys and Mark C. Walsh

~ Thomas Nagel, Casey Mentzer, and P. Mike Kivistik

~ Mariano Calcabrini and Diego Onna

Instrumental Analytical Experiments

~ Patrick W. Fedick, Robert L. Schrader, Stephen T. Ayrton, Christopher J. Pulliam, and R. Graham Cooks

~ Andrew T. Pemberton, D. Brandon Magers, and Daniel A. King

Organic Chemistry Laboratories

~ Catherine J. Smith, Steven J. Mansfield, Edward A. Anderson, and Jonathan W. Burton

~ Timothy J. Bannin, Partha P. Datta, Elizabeth T. Kiesewetter, and Matthew K. Kiesewetter

~ Carla Grosso, Marta Liber, Amadeu F. Brigas, Teresa M. V. D. Pinho e Melo, and Américo Lemos

~ Irene Dip, Christina Gethers, Tonya Rice, and Thomas S. Straub'

Research on Success in Chemistry 

~ Richard Cohen and Angela M. Kelly

~ Michael Budke, Ilka Parchmann, and Marco Beeken

From the Archives: Anodizing

This issue includes an article on the by Thomas Nagel, Casey Mentzer, and P. Mike Kivistik. The anodizing of other metals has been explored in JCE over the years, including:

~ Emily Gaul

~ George N. Harakas

 ~ Craig J. Donahue and Jennifer A. Exline

~ Anne E. Doeltz, Stanley Tharaud, and William F. Sheehan

~ Rita G. Blatt

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