Mole of the Year

Here is a pic from the 2009 award including board members of the National Mole Day Foundation and past Moles of the Year.

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Sarah Kong's picture
Sarah Kong | Thu, 10/31/2013 - 09:41

I had the honor of finishing national chemsitry week with several other chemistry teachers at a teaching conference in South Bend, Indiana!  

They even noticed my new Mole Day bracelet, so fun!  We talked about teaching and writing for a new course and how important it is to keep your goals in mind.  If we are constantly setting our goals before us as we write assessments, choose labs,and guide class discussions, we canfocus our students and help them to reach those specific targets with fewer distractions.  

This is true beyond the chemistry classroom as well.

A lovely way to end NCW 2013!