Following BCCE 2014 From Afar

If you are like me and unable to attend BCCE 2014, there is still a way to be part of the action. Twitter! Even if you don't have a Twitter account, you can follow tweets from participants that are there "live tweeting" the action. Simply search the hashtag "#bcce2014" on (link here). People attending the conference that are on Twitter are posting throughout the day, engaging in discussion and sharing ideas. And if you have a Twitter account, even better. You can find new chemistry teachers to follow.


Being an international school teacher (I am currently in Bangkok, Thailand) I often miss out on events like this. However, through Twitter I have been able to follow discussions about the sessions and ask questions of those that are at the conference. I've been part of a few conversations with teachers there about sessions they are attending. I've even requested - and received! - links to presentation information.


Join me on Twitter (@ThomsonScience) as a virtual participant of BCCE 2014.