Camtasia for Mac update

Camtasia update

For anyone out there looking to do any screen recording may have already invested in Camtasia. If not, I highly reccommend investing in it. I just ran the latest update for Camtasia for mac and it now offers the capability to record directly to your mobile apple device. The requirements are lightning cable, OS X Yosemite 10.10 or higher. I simply plugged in my iPad and after hitting the record button it allowed me to now choose my iPad screen to record. Again, I just got the update so I am unaware of any other requirements and versions of the iPad family needed but definately worth checking out. There is a free trial version of the program listed on the website if you are interested. The screen resolution is great and if you were to use the iPad as a whiteboard, then the drawing is near instantaneous. Even the capability to show my iPad screen on my computer using my lightning cable has several advantages because I can now brodcast my iPad screen that is being shown on the screen of my computer to my projector. I lose the mobility I have by connecting this way but it beats the issues I have sometimes faced with the apple TV and wifi in my classroom or at a conference when the only way to connect has been to dissconect my computer and use a lightning to VGA adapter. As I make some recordings of apps, I will be sure to share!