BCCE 2022 - Getting Back to In-person Conferences

BCCE 2022 on the conference branding

Due to COVID, I have enjoyed many conferences and workshops virtually the last two summers. While I have found many benefits to virtual conferences like no travel, minimal childcare costs, and wearing sweatpants while attending, I miss the people. There is a special energy when a group of passionate educators is in a room together. So many things can be learned or ideas generated from the conversations during the “down-time” in-between sessions, during meals, or during social events. So when I heard BCCE 2022 is planning to be back in person at Purdue University, I got excited!

My first BCCE was in 2006, the last time Purdue hosted. This conference was the catalyst for me getting involved with POGIL and teaching AP Chemistry and has led to relationships that allowed me to help publish activities, and journal articles.


Here is the breakdown:

WHO: Any K-12 or University Chemical Education Instructors (or those working in Chemical Education)

WHAT: Biennial Conference on Chemical Education (BCCE)

WHERE: Purdue University

WHEN: July 31-August 4, 2022

Find out more at www.bcce2022.org


If you have never attended a national chemistry conference like BCCE, please consider attending or presenting. During the day, BCCE offers paper, poster, symposia, and workshop presentations focused on classroom practices, curriculum, assessment, and professional development. Usually, one day is focused on AP Chemistry presentations. At night, there are social events like ice cream socials, Twitter meet-ups, and live music. No chemistry conference would be complete without paying homage to the mole unit with a mole-themed breakfast and fun run. You may opt to save some money, stay on campus in the dorms, utilize a meal plan, or stay off-campus. 

If your school district is unable to financially support this conference, there are sponsorship opportunities offered by BCCE (closer to the date of the conference). You may also apply for a $1500 ACS-Hach Professional Development Grant to help fund BCCE as well. They start accepting applications on October 15, 2021. Visit https://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/funding-and-awards/hachprograms/acs-hach-professional-development-grant.html for more information.

BCCE is looking for symposia and workshops - especially at the high school level. All symposium abstracts are due July 30, 2021. (Editor's Note: This deadline has been extended until August 20, 2021.)

The chemistry education community is very friendly and accepting. We love to hear what everyone is doing and the unique twists they put on teaching their chemistry content. What might seem mundane to you, might be brand new to someone else! Please consider presenting! There will be a call for presentation abstracts that will likely be advertised in late 2021 or early 2022 and you can apply online at www.bcce2022.org.

So start marking your calendars for the first week in August next summer (July 31 - August 4)! Registration opens in the first quarter of 2022. I am excited to see many familiar and new faces there!