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Mole Day and National Chemistry Week (NCW) are just around the corner. This year's Mole Day theme is Moley Potter! Find ideas for celebrating with your students on the . The theme for NCW is Chemistry is Out of This World! Read the JCE 95.10 October 2018 Issue Highlights below for resources. Don't miss Tom Kuntzleman's recent post, . You can also check out the at ACS.org for a long list of resources to help you celebrate with your students.


Deanna Cullen


Maria Gallardo-Williams and Holly Walter Kerby created and hosted the inaugural Mole Storytelling Jam at BCCE 2018. Read about how this event came to be and follow the links to listen to the podcasts of all nine speakers. 


Looking for funds to attend professional development? Stephanie O'Brien used an ACS Hach Grant to fund her travel to BCCE 2018 this summer. The application period just opened.


Inspired by reader comments on Chemical Mystery #12, some experimentation identified easily obtainable gases that can be substituted for the more expensive gases used in the original post. 


The author discusses the remodel of his classroom and how the change in physical space has impacted his teaching and his students' learning.


October PICKS

Read book reviews of  by Kate Moore and by Helen Arney. Also, read about a resource for teachers using Argument Driven Inquiry, , offered through the ADI website. Have you read a chemistry related book recently or used one with your students? Or have you found another resources that you recommend? Please consider submitting your own Pick.


 - Revisited from June 2015

If videos are the method of choice for my students’ free time learning, then why do they sometimes struggle to hear and make sense of the chemistry content in my short teaching videos

     Answer: Students need guidance in developing video-viewing skills that foster understanding complex concepts.


The October 2018 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available online to subscribers. Topics featured in this issue include: research on: AP chemistry reform and writing instruction; novel teaching approaches; demonstrations: safety and effectiveness; augmented reality and technology for teaching; using stories and history to teach; exploring acid-base chemistry; understanding energy; biochemistry in the laboratory; teaching resources; astrochemistry resources for National Chemistry Week 2018. 

You will also find a link to an announcement of the next Journal of Chemical Education editor in chief.

Don't miss Erica Jacobsen's column.


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