IUPAC Chemistry Teacher Survey 2023-2025

preview image text: "IUPAC Chemistry Teacher Survey 2023-2025"

IUPAC has funded an international effort to learn from high school chemistry teachers in as many countries in the world as possible how they are teaching about green and sustainable chemistry. The objective of this project is to improve understanding of the use of practical lab work in high school chemistry classes, in particular in relation to the integration of concepts of sustainability. The project involves a multi-country survey of secondary school chemistry teachers on their utilization of practical activities, including practical lab work focused on green and sustainable chemistry. To date, over 60 countries are participating with many more to follow. 

The effort has received ethics review permission. Filling the survey is anonymous. Teachers who fill the survey can also optionally (and separately) share non-anonymous resources of laboratory chemistry activities for teaching about green and sustainable chemistry. These resources will all be posted on a website for chemistry teachers worldwide to access for free and the teachers who post resources will be recognized for their scholarly contributions.





The project is coordinated out of Deakin University in Australia.

Please share this survey with high school chemistry teachers in your network.

  • If you are a secondary chemistry teacher in the US and have questions, please contact Hannah Sevian (hannah.sevian@umb.edu).
  • If you are a secondary chemistry teacher in Canada and have questions, please contact Andy Dicks (andrew.dicks@utoronto.ca) or Ken Hoffman (kenikoop@gmail.com).
  • If you are a teacher in another country, you can find the coordinator for your country on the PROJECT WEBPAGE.