Where Do I Find My JCE Online Stuff?

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JCE Online content was divided among several sections accessed using links from the section menus along the left side of the pages at the site. These content sections were titled

  • JCE Print
  • JCE Digital Library
  • JCE Software
  • Only[at]JCE Online
  • About JCE

Some of the JCE Online content remains as part of ChemEd Xchange; some has moved to other web sites; some has been discontinued and is no longer available.

JCE Print

The JCE Print section contained the content from the Journal of Chemical Education. All Journal of Chemical Education content was migrated to ACS Publications in 2010, where it is found along with other ACS journals. The ACS Publications Web Edition platform offers many features for viewing and finding journal content. We recommend that you consult the website demonstration for information on the use of the ACS Publications site.

JCE Digital Library

Although some of the JCE Digital Library content can be found at ChemEd Xchange, most is found elsewhere. The JCE Digital Library was the precursor to the Chemical Education Digital Library (ChemEd DL), which we recommend for finding chemical education resources, including most JCE Digital Library resources. Some of the content in the JCE Digital Library section of JCE Online was closely associated with articles in the Journal of Chemical Education and has been moved to the JCE site at ACS Publications as supporting information for those articles. Other JCE Digial Library collections referred to content on external sites and can continue to be found at those sites, (use the links below).

The ChemInfo collection was divided into Inorganic and Organic subcollections. ChemInfo: Inorganic consisted of a single item, which is available as  supporting information of its JCE article, Diamagnetic Corrections and Pascal Constant1. The ChemInfo: Organic collection of resources maintained by Hans Reich can be found at the University of Wisconsin–Madison Chemistry Department site.

The Data-Driven Exercises collection by W. Tandy Grubbs consisted of links to exercises found at Tandy's site, where they remain. 

The DigiDemos collection consisted of demonstrations from the Journal of Chemical Education, presented as a discussion forum where the individual demonstrations could be discussed. The DigiDemos forum has been discontinued. Consult the JCE site at ACS Publications for demonstration articles published in JCE.

The Featured Molecules collection consisted of an article from each issue of JCE from 2002 79(6) through 2010 87(12) that contained molecules referenced in other articles from that same JCE issue. The Featured Molecules contents have been migrated to supporting information of those associated Featured Molecules articles at the JCE at the ACS Publications site.

The Living Textbooks for Chemistry collection, LivTexts, contained two texts: Concept Development Studies in Chemistry and Quantum States of Atoms and Molecules (QSAM). The former was a link to the external source of the text where you can continue to find it. The living version of QSAM has recently been migrated to ChemWiki. The original version of QSAM as published in JCE is available as supporting information for the JCE article2 that reported it.

 The Learning Communities Online collection, LrnCom, also contained two items: Contrail3 and Cl2O4 in the Stratosphere4. These two items were reported upon separately in JCE and can be found as supporting information for those associated articles in JCE at ACS Publications using the links above.

The Resources for Student Assessment, QBank, is currently divided among the Chemical Education Digital Library ChemEd Courses service and ChemEd Xchange. ChemEd Xchange handles requests for access to the questions with answers, which is restricted to verified teachers who pay a $20 USD fee. Direct all such requests for access to download questions with answers by using the QBank contact form. You can browse sample questions from the QBank collection at ChemEd Courses, a service of the ChemEd DL.

The items in the Symbolic Mathematics in Chemistry, SymMath, and Web-based Learning Aids, Webware, collections were abstracted/reported upon in JCE articles. The contents of these collections have been migrated to supporting information for those associated articles in JCE at the ACS Publications site (search the JCE site for 'SymMath' and 'WebWare', respectively).

JCE Software

JCE no longer distributes software on CD or other non-internet media and JCE Software has been discontinued. Several JCE Software titles exist as part of the JCE Web Software collection, a subscriber-only access section of ChemEd Xchange. Information about subscribing to JCE Web Software is available at the Subscriptions page. The ChemEd Xchange online store opening later this year will offer subscriptions that include access to the JCE Web Software collection


 The Only[at]JCE Online section of JCE Online consisted of services and content not suited for printed publication. The services included JCE Discussion Forums, JCE Online Store, and JCE HS CLIC. The JCE Discussion Forums have been discontinued. Discussion of topics of interest will continue at ChemEd Xchange through a combination of comments on content, blogs, and integration with associated sites at Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. The ChemEd Xchange online store opening later this year replaces the JCE Online Store and will include subscriptions you can purchase to access restricted content, such as the video collection and JCE Web Software collection.

The JCE HS CLIC (High School ChemEd Learning Information Center) service for the JCE high school audience continues here at the ChemEd Xchange. The information is not specific to JCE content, is presented differently, and is tailored to the precollege audience.

Biographical Snapshots consists of small introductory biographies of minorities and women chemists. These biographical snapshots may be found at the ChemEd DL as part of its Biographies of Chemists collection.

ChemEd Resource Shelf provided information on many textbooks, publications, molecular model kits, and software of interest to chemical education practioners. This resource has been discontinued in favor of the numerous alternative resources available elsewhere online to help you find such items.

Hal's Picks, a collection of books and articles that Hal Harris has read and think you may find interesting, continues at ChemEd Xchange. Hal is a contributor to ChemEd Xchange and will continue Hal's Picks. ChemEd Xchange expands upon the Picks premise and will include Picks from the staff and other contributors for items found throughout the web.

Project Chemlab is a data base that catalogs content from the Journal of Chemical Education that pertains to the laboratory. Project Chemlab is no longer associated with JCE and has been discontinued.

The Reviewed WWW Sites collection was migrated to the MERLOT digital library and can be found through the MERLOT Chemistry Portal. We recommend that you check out ChemEd Xchange Picks for items of interest found on the web.

"Web-Ed" Articles are articles from the Journal of Chemical Education that have been augmented with digital assets to help illustrate points made in the article. These six items6-10 have been migrated to supporting information of the articles at the JCE at ACS Publications site. 

About JCE

As the Journal of Chemical Education is now co-published by the Division of Chemical Education and ACS Publications, information about JCE is now found at those two sites. Chemical Education Xchange is a also a publication of the Division of Chemical Education, Inc.


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