JCE Online

Welcome JCE Web Software Subscribers

JCE Online offered subscription-based access to a collectiion of titles named JCE Web Software. You can find the JCE Web Software collection at the LEARN menu item in the site menu bar. Access to the titles in the collection is still restricted to JCE Web Software subscribers.

Where Do I Find My JCE Online Stuff?

As JCE Online is rebooted into the ChemEd Xchange, finding the original JCE Online content becomes problematic. This article attempts to provide information about where you might find JCE Online content, either within the ChemEd Xchange, or elsewhere.

Rebooting JCE Online

Rebooting JCE Online into a new, interactive web CMS platform is a large undertaking. JCE Online has had a fairly long history, several contributors, and contains a lot of content. The content is typically static HTML and was created using numerous tools and  methods. Some content is available only to subscribers.