JCE Living Textbooks for Chemistry (LivTexts)

The JCE LivTexts collection contained two titles.

Concept Development Studies in Chemistry by John Hutchinson is an on-line textbook for a general chemistry course. Each module develops a central concept in chemistry from experimental observations and inductive reasoning. This approach complements an interactive or active learning teaching approach. The 17 chapters are associated with the general chemistry course taught by the author at Rice University.

Quantum States of Atoms and Molecules by David Hanson, Theresa Julia Zielinski, Erica Harvey, and Robert Sweeney is an introduction to quantum mechanics as it relates to spectroscopy, the electronic structure of atoms and molecules, and molecular properties. A digital, living textbook, it provides opportunities not found in conventional textbooks—opportunities that allow students to develop skills in information processing, critical thinking or analytical reasoning, and problem solving that are so important for success. The 'published' version of Quantum States of Atoms and Molecules can be found as supplemental information of the JCE article that announced it. The 'living' version of QSAM can now be found at LibreTexts.

The Chemical Education Digital Library contains a collection of online, dynamic, chemistry textbooks.

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