JCE Digital Library

Content in the JCE Digital Library is being migrated to either ChemEd X, the Chemical Education Digital Library (ChemEd DL), or the Journal of Chemical Education at ACS Publications or is no longer available.

The JCE DLib catalog is no longer available.

The ChemInfo collection consisted of resources on the web where chemical information and data could be found. ChemInfo is discontinued, but the resources are generally still available.

The Data-Driven Exercises collection content was provided by an external web site and will continue to be available at that site.

The DigiDemos collection consisted of the Tested Demonstrations that were published in the Journal of Chemical Education along with a discussion forum. The discussion forum has been discontinued. The Journal continues to publish demonstrations and users and contributors should refer to the Journal site for DigiDemo content.

The Featured Molecules, LrnCom, SymMath, and WebWare collections are being migrated to the Journal of Chemical Education site at ACS Publications. Abstracts of each of the items in these collections were published in the Journal and the content will be included with those published abstracts as Supporting Information at the Journal site.

The LivTexts collection consisted of external digital texts and Qunatum States of Atoms and Molecules (QSAM). QSAM can be found at the Chemical Education Digital Library. The external texts remain available at the respective sites.

The JCE QBank collection of resources for student assessment is being migrated to ChemEd X. QBank included collections of questions. These questions with answers were made available only to teachers that requested access and were verified as legitimate teachers of chemistry. A small fee ($20 USD) is required to begin the verification process. ChemEd X will continue to provide this service and make the questions with answers available to teachers. Browsing the questions in the various collections is not currently supported at ChemEd X, but plans are underway to do so.


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