JCE Chemical Information (ChemInfo)

JCE ChemInfo: Inorganic contained a single resource, a page of tables of diamagnetic susceptibility data and Pascal's constants. This page will be available as Supporting Information for the associated article, Bain, Gordon A.; Berry, John F. J. Chem. Educ., 2008, 85 (4), p 532, published in the Journal of Chemical Education. This collection is discontinued and is no longer available at JCE ChemEd X.

JCE ChemInfo: Organic is a collection of links to Web pages containing information useful to teachers, researchers, and students in organic chemistry, biochemistry, and medicinal chemistry. Topics include structural information, organic reactions, nomenclature, physical properties, and spectroscopic data. This collection is not being migrated to JCE ChemEd X, but the collection web page is still available.

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