Updating your AP Chemistry Free Response Format

Like me, you may have just finished binge-watching the newest “social season” of Netflix’s hit drama “Bridgerton.” But a new season is upon us - AP Review Season!  One part of the review season is practicing old AP Chemistry Free Response questions. 

In 2021 CollegeBoard updated the format of the free-response problems to include white spaces between each prompt or part of a question. Prior to 2021, students wrote all answers on lined paper at the end of the question. Since 2021 students now write their response right after each individual prompt. 

I want my AP Chemistry students to practice with the same formatting they will see during the real AP Chemistry exam. While I want the formatting to match, I do not have much time to convert all the old free-response problems to the new format. I found a quick way to make the transition to the new format using DocHub. In less than 5 minutes I have a document ready to print for my students. I wanted to share in case it would help others during the April AP Review "Season."



  1. Go to AP Central to access old Free Response questions (LINK TO WEBSITE)

  2. Open the Scoring Guidelines for the Free Response set you would like

  3. Save the Scoring Guidelines file to your computer

  4. Go to DocHub.com

  5. Make a free DocHub account if you have not already done so

  6. Upload the Scoring Guideline file into DocHub

  7. Use the Whiteout tool from the toolbar (between the comment bubble and checkmark) and draw white boxes over the answer boxes

  8. When done, select the download icon in the upper right corner and save the file


DocHub AP Chem FRQ Formatting

Video: See a quick video of the process of using DocHub


In less than 5 minutes, you will have a print-ready Free-Response question set in the new format for your AP Chemistry students!  Hopefully, your students find these questions as riveting as Lady Whistledown’s Scandal Sheets on Bridgerton!

Enjoy! I wish all of your students the best of luck on this year’s exam!


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