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Journal of Chemical Education July 2014 Cover

Passion for and Dedication to Chemistry and Education

The July 2014 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available online to subscribers. The July issue features a tribute to J. J. Lagowski, green chemistry principles, book recommendations for the summer, organic chemistry in action, computation chemistry experiments, resources for teaching fluorescence spectroscopy.


John W. Moore, the seventh Editor-in-Chief of JCE, pays homage to Joe J. Lagowski (JJL), the sixth Editor-in-Chief of JCE, with a taste of JJL’s professional accomplishments, personality, and dedication to chemistry and education.

Green Chemistry Principles

In the cover article, Green Chemistry Decision-Making in an Upper-Level Undergraduate Organic Laboratory, Landon J. G. Edgar, Katherine J. Koroluk, Mehrnaz Golmakani, and Andrew P. Dicks describe a self-directed, independent synthesis experiment for a third-year undergraduate organic laboratory. Students are provided with the CAS numbers of starting and target compounds and devise a synthetic plan to be executed over two, 4.5 h laboratory periods. This well-received laboratory requires students to plan, make independent decisions, and apply their knowledge and understanding of green chemistry.

Additional articles on green chemistry in the issue include:

Using Green Chemistry Principles As a Framework To Incorporate Research into the Organic Laboratory Curriculum
by Nancy E. Lee, Rich Gurney, and Leonard Soltzberg

Tangential Flow Filtration of Colloidal Silver Nanoparticles: A “Green” Laboratory Experiment for Chemistry and Engineering Students
by Kevin M. Dorney, Joshua D. Baker, Michelle L. Edwards, Sushil R. Kanel, Matthew O’Malley, and Ioana E. Pavel Sizemore

Teaching Green and Sustainable Chemistry: A Revised One-Semester Course Based on Inspirations and Challenges
by Anne E. Marteel-Parrish

Waterless Condensers for the Teaching Laboratory: An Adaptation of Traditional Glassware
by Erich W. Baum, John J. Esteb, and Anne M. Wilson

Book and Media Recommendations for the Summer

Our Changing Planet and the Impact of Words
by Cheryl Baldwin Frech

A New Flavia de Luce Novel, The Simpsons Math, Gödelian Puzzles, and Research Defending Public Education
by Hal H. Harris

Proven Facts and Speculative Fiction
by Brian P. Coppola

Chemical Education Research

Differences in General Cognitive Abilities and Domain-Specific Skills of Higher- and Lower-Achieving Students in Stoichiometry
by Ozcan Gulacar, Ingo Eilks, and Charles R. Bowman

Investigating the Effect of Complexity Factors in Stoichiometry Problems Using Logistic Regression and Eye Tracking
by Hui Tang, John Kirk, and Norbert J. Pienta

Factors Contributing to Problem-Solving Performance in First-Semester Organic Chemistry
by Enrique J. Lopez, Richard J. Shavelson, Kiruthiga Nandagopal, Evan Szu, and John Penn

Organic Chemistry in Action

Using Web-Based Video as an Assessment Tool for Student Performance in Organic Chemistry
by John Tierney, Matthew Bodek, Susan Fredricks, Elizabeth Dudkin, and Kurt Kistler

Organic Chemistry in Action! Developing an Intervention Program for Introductory Organic Chemistry To Improve Learners’ Understanding, Interest, and Attitudes
by Anne O’ Dwyer and Peter Childs

The Impacts of an “Organic First” Chemistry Curriculum at a Liberal Arts College
by Steven M. Malinak, Jennifer Logan Bayline, Patricia A. Brletic, Mark F. Harris, Robbie J. Iuliucci, Michael S. Leonard, Nobunaka Matsuno, Linda A. Pallack, Thomas W. Stringfield, and Deborah Polvani Sunderland

Cost-Effective Systems

A Simple, Small-Scale Lego Colorimeter with a Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Used as Detector
by Jonas Asheim, Eivind V. Kvittingen, Lise Kvittingen, and Richard Verley
Journal of Chemical Education

Cost-Effective Systems for Atomic Layer Deposition
by Michael Lubitz, Phillip A. Medina, IV, Aleks Antic, Joseph T. Rosin, and Bradley D. Fahlman

Design, Development, and Characterization of an Inexpensive Portable Cyclic Voltammeter
by Jenna R. Mott, Paul J. Munson, Rodney A. Kreuter, Balwant S. Chohan, and Danny G. Sykes

Computational Chemistry Experiments

Ligand-Free Suzuki–Miyaura Coupling Reactions Using an Inexpensive Aqueous Palladium Source: A Synthetic and Computational Exercise for the Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Laboratory
by Nicholas J. Hill, Matthew D. Bowman, Brian J. Esselman, Stephen D. Byron, Jordan Kreitinger, and Nicholas E. Leadbeater

Computation of Chemical Shifts for Paramagnetic Molecules: A Laboratory Experiment for the Undergraduate Curriculum
by Benjamin P. Pritchard, Scott Simpson, Eva Zurek, and Jochen Autschbach

Molecular Orbitals of NO, NO+, and NO–: A Computational Quantum Chemistry Experiment
by Renato P. Orenha and Sérgio E. Galembeck

From the Archives: Fluorescence Spectroscopy

This issue contains several articles exploring fluorescence spectroscopy: Rapid and Adaptable Measurement of Protein Thermal Stability by Differential Scanning Fluorimetry: Updating a Common Biochemical Laboratory Experiment
by R. Jeremy Johnson, Christopher J. Savas, Zachary Kartje, and Geoffrey C. Hoops
; FluSpec: A Simulated Experiment in Fluorescence Spectroscopy
by Stephen W. Bigger, Andrew S. Bigger, and Kenneth P. Ghiggino.

There are many articles available in JCE to help students understand and experiment with fluorescence, including:

Educational Light-POD: An Activity for Middle and High School Students To Explore the Principles of Analog Transmission Using Photoacoustic Modulation of Fluorescence
by Lorenzo Echevarria and Florencio Eloy Hernandez

A Brief History of Fluorescence and Phosphorescence before the Emergence of Quantum Theory
by Bernard Valeur and Mário N. Berberan-Santos

Turning on the Light: Lessons from Luminescence by Patricia B. O'Hara, Wayne St. Peter, and Carol Engelson

JCE Classroom Activity: Turning on the Light by Patricia B. O'Hara, Wayne St. Peter, and Carol Engelson

Classroom Activity Connections: Lessons from Fluorescence
by Aoife MacCormac, Emma O’Brien, and Richard O’Kennedy

Fluorescence Spectroscopy in a Shoebox
by M. Farooq Wahab

JCE Classroom Activity: Fluorescent Fun: Using a Homemade Fluorometer by M. Farooq Wahab

With 91 Years of Issues, There’s Volumes of Resources in JCE

You will find all of the articles mentioned above, and many more, in the Journal of Chemical Education. Articles that are edited and published online ahead of print (ASAP—As Soon As Publishable) are also available.

The January 2014 issue will be available as a sample issue for the entire year. If you like what you read, subscribe! If you have something to share, write it up! 


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