Schroedinger's Kittens and the Search for Reality: solving the Quantum Mysteries

When I teach the quantum chemistry part of our physical chemistry sequence, I usually carve out one or two lectures to talk with my students about some of the wonderfully puzzling aspects of quantum measurements. I have often had students remark that this was their favorite part of the course, and I even had an alumnus (just finishing medical residency) recently come back to say that he intended to continue to study the implications of quantum theory throughout his lifetime. I think that perhaps the current trend to emphasize the applications of chemistry, chemistry in everyday life, and so forth, may lead some of us to give the purely intellectual aspects of our science less than their due. John Gribbin has become a leading popularizer of modern physics. His previous books include one that I greatly enjoyed, "In Search of Schroedinger's Cat", of which this is a sequel. Here, he describes some of the experiments that have been performed in dozens of laboratories around the world, all of which confirm the predictions of quantum mechanics, and most of which confound "common sense".

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John Gribbin

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Sunday, January 1, 1995