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JCE Online included services and collections of content that were available only at JCE Online. The services included the JCE Online Store, JCE Discussion Forums, JCE HS CLIC, ChemEd Resource Shelf, Project Chemlab. and Reviewed WWW Sites. Biographical Snapshots, Hal's Picks, and "Web-Ed" articles were collections of content.

The JCE Online Store has been discontinued. Look for an online store as part of JCE ChemEd Xchange, where you will be able to purchase subscriptions and access to the premium resources that you will find at ChemEd X.

The JCE Discussion Forums have also been discontinued. We may introduce discussion forums as part of JCE ChemEd Xchange. However, we think that the immediacy of including comments and discussion with the content that is provided by ChemEd X to be a superior method of exchanging ideas around our content.

JCE HS CLIC was a distilled fraction of Journal of Chemical Education content tailored to the high school chemitry teacher. A high priority of JCE ChemEd X is to provide resources to the precollege and two-year college teachers and learners. JCE HS CLIC can still be found at thte Journal site at ACS Publications.

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