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How a Photon Is Created or Absorbed

Giles Henderson
Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL 61920

Robert C. Rittenhouse
Walla Walla College, College Place, WA 99324

John C. Wright and Jon L. Holmes
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI 53706

"Web-Ed" Articles

"Web-Ed Articles" was a collection of articles from the Journal of Chemical Education that were augmented with digital assets that aided in the understanding of selected aspects of the article. The augmented, digital versions of these six articles have moved to supporting information for the article at the Journal web site.

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The Reviewed WWW Sites feature was moved to the MERLOT Chemistry portal. ChemEd X provides Picks, which are items of intetest from around the web provided by staff and contributors.

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Project Chemlab cataloged and annotated all the articles from the Journal of Chemical Education that pertained to the chemistry laboratory. This catalog was provided as a service at JCE Online with provision to search the catalog for laboratory information in the Journal.

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Hal's Picks continues at ChemEd X as part of our Picks collection. Picks are a collection of items from around the web that our staff and contributors think may be of interest to chemistry educators.

Chemical Education Resource Shelf

The Chemical Education Resource Shelf has been discontinued. Other online services are available for finding publications of interest to chemical educators. ChemEd X offers a collection of Picks that staff and contributors have found interesting.

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Biographical Snapshots feature has been discontinued. Information about minority and women scientists is readily found using the various online search services. The Chemical Education Digital Library includes a Biographies collection that contains biographical information for many chemists.

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The JCE Online Store is no longer available. ChemEd X has a new online store to purchase subscriptions to ChemEd X.