food chemistry

Earth Day 2017 - Chemistry Feeds Our World


The American Chemical Society will celebrate Earth Day on April 22, 2017. This year's theme is Chemistry Feeds Our World. I have gathered some resources related to food and cooking from ChemEd X in honor of the theme. I have also included links to other resources.

Developing a High School Food Chemistry Elective

Students work in the kitchen/lab

Food chemistry is an interesting and fun class for students. Read the article for some suggestions about resources along with an outline of a unit developed around water in cooking. 

JCE Classroom Activity #92: Testing for Iodide in Table Salt

One of over 100 activities in the collection, JCE Classroom Activity #92 describes how to test for the presence of iodide in iodized salt using only water, iodized salt, 3% hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and liquid laundry starch.