Spectacular Chemical Experiments

This is the second book of chemical demonstrations by Herbert Roesky that I have purchased. The first, "Chemical Curiosities: Spectacular Experiments and Inspired Quotes" should have been a Hal's Pick when it was published in 1996. It is a beautifully crafted book, with excellent photographic illustrations of the phenomena described, and (somewhat) related quotations from science and literature. "Spectacular Chemical Experiments" is a continuation in the same spirit. It is a somewhat shorter book, but it still describes eighty-six chemical demonstrations. Most of these were already familiar to me, but there were some new ones and even the familiar ones inspire this teacher when they are so creatively presented. Most of the demonstrations require more than a little preparation, so don't expect to often be able to throw something together for this afternoon's lecture.

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Herbert W. Roesky

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Monday, January 1, 2007