Special Issue: Water, The Wellspring of Life

"Whiskey is for drinkin', water is for fightin'" goes the old saying. The current (November, 2007) issue of Natural History has nine articles about what we will be fighting over. "A Special Brew", by Christopher Mundy, Shawn Kathmann, and Gregory Schenter is the one that is most "chemical", but the others describe some environmental aspects of water resources. An overview of freshwater is provided by Eleanor Sterling; the ways in which life-forms adapt to hydrological environments is done by Dolly Setton; the despoilment of water habitats is depicted by Eleanor Sterling and Merry Camhi; the continuing inadequacy of the flood defenses of New Orleans is written by Shea Penland. Technological solutions to water contamination are illustrated by Chuck Carter; Assam Alwash, who grew up in Iraq, writes about the assault on Iraq's marshlands and their revival through global aid; the political and social ramifications of the Jordan River resource is done by Sandral Postel, and there are also several books about water resources reviewed in this issue. It is worthwhile picking up a copy for Science and Society lessons.

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Thursday, November 1, 2007