Sex in an Age of Technological Reproduction: ICSI and Taboos

You won't find titillation in this book about sex and reproduction. These two one-act plays are intended by their author, one of the "fathers of the Pill" to prompt discussion of the many ethical questions posed by the divorce between act of sex and human reproduction. The current debate about same-sex marriage is only the prelude to questions that arise in age when even dead persons can provide the DNA for a baby. Do we think differently about incest if a brother-in-law provides semen or a sister-in-law is a surrogate mother? The "ICSI" in the title of the first play stands for "intracytoplastic sperm injection", a technology that allows a single sperm to fertilize an egg (rather than the millions that potent males produce). The second play, "Taboos", examines issues associated with the use of reproductive technologies within a family. Both are intended for use in school or college classrooms and an accompanying DVD provides microscope videos of the ICSI process which are needed for the production.

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Carl Djerassi

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008