The Science of Harry Potter: How Magic Really Works

Who doesn't like Harry Potter? I suppose there must be some such person, but it is hard to criticize a book series that has youngsters eager to gobble up 700 pages, even if they were not as creative and entertaining as they are. If you have read some or all of the books, I'm sure that you noticed all the science they contain. No? Me neither. These are not science books - in fact, they are about as nonscientific as you can get. Yet Roger Highfield claims to have written his own 300 plus pages on the subject. Mr. Highfield is trying (successfully, I might add - I contributed my own fourteen bucks) to cash in on Pottermania. The relationship between his book and the original is extremely tenuous, and I found his excursions to be interesting but not very relevant to his promise to tell "how magic really works". The magic of Harry Potter does not require scientific explanation.

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Roger Highfield

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Tuesday, January 1, 2002