One Two Three...Infinity: Facts and Speculations of Science

I first read "One Two Three... Infinity" when I was twelve years old (it was the edition published in 1946!) and it had a strong influence in my decision to pursue science as a career. In re-reading this Dover reprint, it is remarkable how much of the text and the hand-drawn illustrations by the author have stayed with me through the years, and even more amazing how fresh it is after five decades. In the Preface, Gamow laments that he has written a book unintentionally too difficult for children to understand. To my young mind, that was a big part of my fascination with it: the challenge to comprehend the big but strange ideas he describes so lucidly. Gamow picks subjects from physics, mathematics, chemistry, and biology in this extraordinary book. Buy several copies and give them to potential young scientists, but keep one for yourself. Dover's priceless but low-priced catalog of science and mathematics reprints recently came on-line.

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George Gamow

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Sunday, January 1, 1961