Exploring the Art and Science of Stopping Time: The Life and Work of Harold E. Edgerton

This is the first time that something not printed on paper has been chosen for Hal's Picks, and it probably will not happen often in the future. This particular subject is, however, better treated in digital format than in a book (although several good books on Edgerton and his work are also available). When the object is to describe a visual technique such as the use of stroboscopic, stop-action, or high-speed photography, there is no substitute for a visual medium. This CD contains not only hundreds of examples of Edgerton's still photos, but also many movie clips that convey the objects of his work and the engaging personality of this popular and gifted teacher. I'm sure that you have see many of these photos and films before, but they are sure a lot of fun. The CD supposedly runs on Macintoshes (I didn't try that) and on a PC. It requires 16-bit Quicktime for Windows, which is provided on the disk. The interface is a bit corny and navigation is not always intuitive, but you can just keep clicking around until something happens.

Publication information
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James Sheldon

Publication Date: 
Friday, January 1, 1999