Explaining Science in the Classroom

I like almost everything about this book, except the title. I don't believe that teachers of science should be "explaining" science in their classrooms and, fortunately, the authors of "Explaining Science" don't, either. What their book does is to help science teachers develop the ability to lead a group of students, through discussion, to legitimate scientific reasoning, insights, and conclusions. I find that this is one of the most difficult things to teach a prospective teacher, and also one of the most valuable lessons one can learn. All four of these authors work at the Institute for Education, University of London, and their credentials would lead one to suspect that this might be a "theoretical" tome. Instead, one finds a very readable guide, full of transcripts of classroom discussions that really show you how to do it. If you want to become a better teacher, you'll like "Explaining Science".

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Jon Ogborn, Gunther Kress, Isabel Martins, and Kieran McGillicuddy

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Monday, January 1, 1996